Common Mistakes When Dealing With Business Email


Business emails can be essential for the longevity of your business and they may still represent the primary of communication among many business professionals. However, even experienced businesspeople can still make a number of mistakes. A common mistake is not paying attention on the attachment. From time to time, emails that you receive will contain one or more attached files. There are a number of factors to consider when you are dealing with attachments. As an example, you may send files with unusual formats that can’t be opened by recipients. File formats like doc, docx and xls are very common, but some non-Microsoft office software, such as Open Office, generates their own proprietary file formats. These files can’t be opened with Microsoft Word or Excel. So, it is important that you use generic file format that can be opened easily by everyone at the other end. Another mistake is sending very large attached file. You may have very fast Internet connection to attach the file quickly, but the recipient could have much slower connection. Even if both ends have very fast Internet access, the email server may truncate large attached file, causing the information to get corrupted and inaccessible. You will have much less problem if you take a little time to compress the file. Choosing the correct file format could also help you to reduce the size. You should also get your computer regularly checked for virus, it would be a bad thing if you unintentionally infect customer’s laptop with malware through infected attachment.

You should also try to be careful with your forwarded emails. You should make sure that the email is relevant and useful to the people you forward to. The same principle applies to how you share social media posts. It is a mistake to quickly belief any hoax and spam messages. The validity and quality of the message that you share to others are essential. As an example, new market and political developments may have direct and strong impact to your current project. People don’t always appreciate your “generosity” for forwarding the email message, especially if it is dealing with sexual and humorous topics. Non business email is a waste of anyone’s time, especially if everyone is busy with the project and they are struggling to avoid missing the deadline. You shouldn’t be outrageous to disturb everyone with useless email messages. It is a big mistake if you don’t pay attention with common email courtesy. Despite your extreme caution, the email that you forward to other people in the project team may prove to be a hoax. You need to neutralize the situation immediately by sending a formal apology for the unwanted situation. This situation may cause you to raise an outrage for the situation. Tension and conflict are somewhat common in business relationships. It is also a mistake if you handle emails in emotional manner. Your outburst the day before may lead to regret and your project can be in jeopardy. When the situation is tense, you should take a step back and consider whether you are handling it properly.

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