What To Do If You Don’t Have Steady Income?


Financial planning and budgeting should become important life skills. You should know how much money you will earn. You should know whether you have prosperous months and you don’t need to play financial catch-ups. With proper projection, you should also be able to predict tough time and you will be able to take steps to ensure better stability with your finances. With proper budgeting, you should be able to know how much money that you need to have a comfortable life each month. Budgeting allows you to add up all expenses, such as health insurance, car insurance, car payments, utilities, mortgage payment, rent, gas and food. You should reduce any unessential expense, such as magazine, Lotto tickets and others.

There should be proper category in the budget, with enough details on weekly and monthly expenses. There should be enough money stashed away, so you are able to get prepared for unexpected things. With impulse buying dominating your lifestyle, you may end up eating rice, beans and ramen for the rest of the month. Running out money may appear to be bad, but for some people, impulse buying could result in excessive debts. Impulse buying could wreck your budget and you need to make sure that your spending is always less than what you earn. Whatever you do, it is important to avoid spending too much money on luxurious items. You should ensure that your budget allows you to obtain proper financial cushion.

It is commonly said that you need to repay credit card debts, before you save money. On paper, it’s a good strategy and you don’t need to spend much money on interest payments. Credit card debts are often indicated by high interest rates and if you have too much credit card debts, your financial circumstances can be quite uncertain. The desire to own many things is a human nature and we have the instinct to gather items to prepare for the difficult time. However, it is not a good financial decision, if you spend much money on expensive shoes and bags. If you want to have reasonable budget implementation, it is a good idea for you to pay cash, whenever possible. You should get rid of anything with the highest interest rate.

By eradicating a single high-interest loan, you be able to get significant psychological boost. Finally, we should also consider about taxes. This is something that people can get really shocked. The budget should have tax details, such as self employment taxes and regular income taxes. Depending on your country or state, income tax can be between 10 to 25 percent. So; it is important to stash enough income that is slightly higher than the amount of the tax. So, you will be able to respond to any tax-related surprise. There could be penalties associated with not paying sufficient amount of tax. It is obviously not a good thing if you are fined a penalty. Your income can be unpredictable, especially if you are a freelancer, so your budget should provide some amount of safety net and stability.

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