10 SEO Myths and SEO Mistakes That Kill Your Rankings

10 SEO Myths and SEO Mistakes That Kill Your Rankings


Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most baffling topics of website development and traffic. In layman terms, optimizing your site for search engines giants like Google and Bing means making its content and design such that it adheres to the rules so it can reach top rankings.

One of the reasons why SEO is so confusing is because Google changes its algorithm after every few months and the techniques you may be putting to use yesterday may not do your rankings any good today. The truth is that there are so many SEO myths that people are often perplexed with what they are supposed to do and what they aren’t. Even though SEO is used by thousands of companies worldwide, people still spread rumors about it, and this is why those who are using it for the first time end up not knowing wrong from right.

Countless organizations have caused their business to go downhill simply because they weren’t aware of what they were and weren’t supposed to do. Because of this, we’ve decided to tell you about the 10 SEO mistakes and myths that we’ve rounded up, so you don’t make the same mistakes.

So, without further delay, let’s dive into the most common types of SEO myths that kill your rankings and do nothing for the success of your business.

Myth: SEO Is A One-Time Solution

A lot of people that have no experience with search engine optimization think that it is a one-time thing that will bring you long-lasting results. However, this is far from accurate because to succeed at SEO; you need to make constant changes to both your strategy as well as your content.

For example, with Google’s Mobile-First Index rollout, websites are now focusing their efforts on the mobile version of their site instead of the one which is viewed on a desktop or laptop. Though significant search engine algorithm alterations don’t happen every few weeks, they change the game when they do. It is why you need to be consistent with your SEO and make sure that it is updated according to the latest changes.

Mistake: Not Updating Old Content

Go through a few popular blogging websites such as Mashable and TechCrunch, and you’ll notice that even the content published years ago is updated. Much like you need to be aware of the changes made to the Google algorithm, you should also keep an eye out for news related to the topics you’ve already discussed. Don’t relax thinking that you’re good because the old posts have good rankings because unless your posts are fresh, Google won’t give it the chance to reach the top. So, for instance, let’s say that your blog covered a research topic in 2015 and new evidence supporting or going against that is published in 2018. In such a case, you must make sure that you make your readers aware of the new changes, so they don’t end up reading old facts and figures.

Myth: The More Links You Have, The Higher Your Rankings

Another SEO myth that you must have heard if you’re new to the industry is that filling your posts or content with links will make Google rank it higher. Though link building is an integral part of SEO, you need to remember that unnatural linking or stuffing your content with links will do nothing but make it appear spammy to search engines. Moreover, if you think that cheating Google by placing broken links into the content is going to work, then you need to rethink your decision because the rules have changed.

Now, if Google detects any broken links on your website, it is penalized it, and you won’t have any chance of getting near the top ranks. So, though you should add both internal and external links to your blogs and content, you need to make sure that they bring value to the reader and aren’t just there to make search engines think that the content is well researched.

Mistake: Forgetting To Add Unique Tags and Descriptions

If you’re going through an audit with an SEO audit service and notice that you haven’t added the tags and descriptions to your website, then you need to take a step immediately. Not including these essentials to your content is a grave mistake because it makes search engines think that you’re not serious about your SEO. Ideally, your titles shouldn’t be more than 65 characters long, and the description should be between 150-160 characters in length and needs to appeal to the reader.

Myth: Social Media Doesn’t Matter

Among the many SEO myths that you hear, one of the most common ones that you’ll come across is, ‘social media isn’t really crucial for SEO.’

However, if you’re even remotely connected to the world of optimization, you’ll realize that with the popularity of pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your SEO cannot survive with social media. Everything from your social media shares to the content you share on platforms is essential, and this is why you need to pay particular attention to this specific part of SEO.

Mistake: Not Using SEO Tools

If you want to succeed at search engine optimization, you need to make sure that you use plenty of tools to give your strategy a boost. These useful tools will help you take your optimization to the next level, so you know that you’re spending money where its worth. Software such as Ubersuggest, Copyscape, and Google’s keyword tool can help you more than you can imagine. The great thing about these tools is that they offer all-around solutions, so you don’t have to do much after you’ve set down the basics because they more or less take care of everything.

Myth: It’s All About The Content

Another one of the SEO myths you’ll come across is that all that matter is content. Though it is true that uniquely written and authentic content is the key to effective SEO, you will need to do a lot more than just create great posts. Everything from link building to keyword search will require a lot of your time, so you have to make sure that you focus on everything. The strategies used in optimization need a lot of planning, so the chances are that you’ll be spending more time on those than on actually creating the content. Bear in mind that these SEO myths don’t have much proof behind them and this is why you shouldn’t rely on them.

Mistake: Not Considering Browser Compatibility

Even SEO experts sometimes overlook browser compatibility because they think that it’s not as crucial as creating content and placing relevant keywords. This SEO mistake will cost you because if your website isn’t compatible with major browsers, you will also be losing potential traffic to your site. Remember that though Google dominates other search engines, Chrome isn’t necessarily as popular. If your page takes far too long to load or isn’t correctly shown on browsers such as Firefox, Safari or Opera, you will be putting your business’s reputation on the line and making potential traffic go away.

Myth: Anyone Can Do SEO

No, not anyone can do and succeed at SEO. The truth is that only a professional company and expert will know about the current algorithms that are used by Google and Bing and this is why you need to trust them to provide you with the best and most effective strategy. SEO myths that claim that you don’t need an experienced person don’t know that optimization is very technical and can’t be performed by IT department personnel. Instead, you need to look for someone with in-depth knowledge of content, user experience and behavior, semantics, and equity among other things.

Mistake: You Don’t Publish Content Consistently

Finally, one of the worst SEO mistakes you could make is to be inconsistent in publishing your content and other posts. Even though you don’t necessarily need to publish new content on a daily basis, you need to schedule your posts, so readers know when to expect them. Think about it carefully and decide when and how often it would be appropriate for your website to post content and then to stick to it no matter what. Remember that there are many tools available that will help you in scheduling your content, so you don’t end up forgetting if you had to upload something.

So, there are a lot of SEO myths that you may hear from time to time. But remember that if you make it a point to stay updated with the latest algorithms and hire an expert SEO audit service, you will be good to go.

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