Las Vegas: 5 Spa-Hotels to Relax After a Business Event

Las Vegas: 5 Spa-Hotels to Relax After a Business Event


Spa centers in Las Vegas are one of the most unobvious, but pleasant things that await the visitors of the city. Usually, Las Vegas is associated with unrestrained amusement and fun. However, for those who come there not only to play roulette, but also to solve business issues, the list of the best spa salons in Las Vegas will be exceptionally useful. Also, it’s not surprising that this list almost completely coincides with the greatest 5-star hotels in Las Vegas. The Sin City knows almost everything about the art of massage, spa procedures and therapy. So, the best spa hotels of Las Vegas are ready to provide full relaxation after an exhausting business-day…

Mandarin Oriental Spa

The spa center in the 5-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel is inspired by the decadent Shanghai of the 1930s. There are recreation areas, Turkish baths with a starry sky and even an ice fountain. Also, the hotel has several swimming pools and hot bathtubs.

One of the highlights of the spa in Mandarin Oriental is mud baths and thermo-wrapping with the use Moroccan red clay. After you are smeared with a thick layer of clay and enter a hot room, the clay on the skin dries up, and then it begins to suck out all the dirtiness from the skin. And, finally, you will feel easy and pleasant fragrance coming from your body, which absorbed all useful minerals from the clay.

Mandarin Oriental Miami Spa

(photo by Mandarin Oriental Miami)

The Spa Center in Mandarin is situated about 2.5 miles away from the local airport, which is a very convenient option for those who just arrived at Las Vegas by plane. In this case, it’s recommended to rent a car in order to reach the hotel. The best car rental Las Vegas Airport reviews will help you to choose the right car for your trip.

Price for room: from $190/night

Four Seasons Spa

Four Seasons is actually a synonym for the best spa relaxation. If you are used to soak up in a Jacuzzi or want to find a good place to meditate, you’re in the right place! At Four Seasons, the best and the friendliest staff in Las Vegas will take care of you and your peace of mind! This is the quietest place in the south of the Strip, almost an oasis of silence amid the chaos of excitement. Four Seasons is the greatest place where you can find your Zen.

The Spa - Four Seasons Seoul

(photo by Matt@TWN)

In addition, you will ‘fall’ into the hands of professionals who take care of your health with hot cans in the style of Michael Phelps or by using a hot wax massage. After the spa in Four Seasons, you will feel yourself much younger – from the tips of your fingers till the top of your head.  A facial massage, cosmetic procedures for the whole body and face – all these options can be found right there. The massage with hot stones is also a unique procedure to try.

Price for room: from $170/night

Wynn Las Vegas Spa

Both the hotel and its spa center are characterized by a special attention to details. Everything is perfect there. Even the list of cocktails in the spa is thought out in a special way, not to mention that all services are of the highest level, and the procedures are performed flawlessly. Wynn Las Vegas has become the first hotel among all spa-hotels of the city that received 5 stars. In Wynn, five swimming pools, a sauna, hot bathtubs and a fitness center are at guests’ disposal.

recovery day

(photo by Haonan Zhang)

Special attention in the Wynn Spa is given to aromatherapy. Also, visitors appreciate Thai massage with oil and hot stone massage, which provides complete relaxation of the whole body. By the way, all these procedures can be ordered directly to your room.

Price for room: from $185/night 

Vdara Hotel and Spa

Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas is the place, where your body will feel what real relaxation is. In this hotel, spa therapy was entrusted to ESPA, the world leader in spa cosmetics. Only the best ESPA products are used there for all kinds of relaxation and cosmetic massage.

vdara hotel and spa

(photo by ty wilda)

One of the specializations of ESPA spa at Vdara Hotel is the treatment with the use of hot volcanic stones, called On the Rocks. In addition, Balinese massage is also a perfect way to get full relaxation.

Price for room: from $95/night

Caesar Palace Spa

Caesar Palace is undoubtedly, one of the best hotels in which the world of Ancient Rome in Las Vegas was recreated in detail, and which also returned the famous Roman baths – Qua Bath. The eponymous spa in Caesar Palace is famous for its deep kneading, as well as a Fijian massage with coconut oil and scrub.

Bedroom - room 4211 / Hilton Santa Fe Golf Resort & Spa at Buffalo Thunder, 20 Buffalo Thunder Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87506

(photo by Richard Johnson)

However, the best thing offered in Qua Bath spa is a sharp change in temperature from hot to cold and vice versa, which has a very positive effect on your skin. For example, at first, try to visit the Roman baths, get into the hot and soft aromatic sauna, and then immediately enter the Arctic ice room full of snow. What do you think about such extreme therapy?

Price for room: from $175/night

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