Need Business Idea? Read This! TOP 8 Home Based Businesses to Start!


Today, thousands of people think of starting their own business. There are many reasons for that. It often happens that people stop their working career because they want to be updated. They want to travel, eat tasty food, have fun, and live to the full. Finally, they want to do a job they like. Sometimes, this kind of business doesn’t need many efforts. It is often enough to have a smartphone to manage it. Don’t be surprised, your modern telephone is able to do many other things, but not only use Google map, rent a car in one click or find the nearest shop. Your smartphone can be your business partner and support you in a home based business. So, any ideas? Here are a couple of interesting ideas with no more than $1 500 to start.


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  1. Accountant

Before you offer your accounting skills make a list of your services. Do you want to be an accountant in a small business? So, you need to get knowledge in accounting balance-sheet, income and outcome reports, and other week and month reports. You’ll be surprised but there are many companies that are ready to entrust their accounting papers to a professional.

  1. Bike Repairing

Cycling is a popular way of transportation in many countries. There are countries where this sort of business is season. Everything is simple. You need to rent a part of a storage room for repairing and storing them. If you want, you can give the vehicles for rent. Cycling is popular for tourists. It can be also a nice opportunity for beginners to try themselves in cycling sport. So, if you know much about bikes and ready to waste some time for reparation, why don’t you make money of your hobby?

  1. Cleaning

There are many variants where you can try yourself in cleaning. You can start from office clients. You don’t need many of them, just one or two offices. If they need deep everyday cleaning, it can be a good permanent source of income for you. Also, you can clean houses and flats. Cleaning is a kind of business that doesn’t need much money for advertising. If you are a good cleaner, your clients will advertise you. But you have to spend for cleaning materials and machines. Cleaning big territories is impossible without cleaning machine.

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  1. Computer Repairing

Learn everything that computer clients usually need: texting, software, pictures, e-mails, design, security programs. You’d better to learn everything about programs and computer component. This sort of business is good only if you know much about programming. Also, you have to learn modern computer market, interesting offers, components and their characteristics. You have to know what to offer to your clients.

  1. Consultant

To be a good consultant, you have to be skilled in something. It is important to be special in the chosen field to attract more people. So, what are you going to do? Probably, you had a pharmacy or know everything about marketing. You can be a good shop assistant or manager. You can be also good in a restaurant business. Just try to use your experience to help others to build up their business. Remember your mistakes and make others to avoid them carefully.

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  1. Dogs Walking

You can be hired to walk with the dogs. You can plan your business as you want, once or twice a day. Also, you can take as much dogs as you are able to walk with physically. By the way, this can be a good business in New York. New Yorkers are crazy about dogs.

  1. Wedding Planner

It can be not always a wedding date, but different parties. The first thing you should do is visiting the event place. You have to check everything out and learn what is what. Be careful and watch every corner, every centimeter. Learn advantages and hidden stones of the place you have. Think of decorations, necessary equipment, chairs and tables, glassware and music. It is important to know how many people are expected and what your client wants. This is a sort of business, where you have to contact and cooperate with other services, like restaurants, music studios, decor shops, rental car and furniture. Try to make up your own client base to work with. You can even make your own website to advertise what you have to offer and post pictures and client feedbacks.

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  1. Interior Designer

It often happens when people buy new houses and have no time to decorate them. If you are experienced in designing, you may try your luck right now! Just examine the house and offer a couple of interesting variants for each room. Are there pets or kids in the house? Do the family members prefer taking the shoes off in the house? Where is it better to put the lights? It is important for your future project. You can use special smart applications to help you to decorate the room and make a picture of it.

The list of job opportunities is wide. You can find something that is good for you. Everything depends on your knowledge and ambitions. Whatever you choose, there are many modern gadgets and programs around to make your work easier and faster. Also, it helps you to look more professions, does it?

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