The Business of Muay Thai Gym in Thailand

The Business of Muay Thai Gym in Thailand


All over the world, Martial arts have become very popular as a form of sport, leisure, and meditationThey have been adopted and embraced in Western cultures and their popularity worldwide is visible in the fact that there are martial arts games during global events such as the Olympic Games. Muay Thai is one of the Martial arts that have actively taken on a life of its own in many countries and it enjoys popularity as one of the ways to keep fit and regularly experience an Eastern culture. It is best described by individuals who are new to the sport as a type of kickboxing, although there are lots of other elements to consider.

Literarily, the words Muay Thai means the art of 8 limbs. It is a sport that uses the whole body through mixed routines of punching, elbowing, kicking, and attacking with the knees. The hands play the biggest role in western boxing, and in western kickboxing, the feet is also a factor but the joints are not as dominant. Both Kickboxing and Muay Thai have had a rub-off on each other.

Muay Thai is a martial art that originated from Thailand –what better place to learn than where the sport was born? Here you will find some of the best hands in the business. The beauty of going to the source is that the old customs are still preserved and you will be exposed to authentic moves that have not been influenced by western kickboxing. Also, the trainers emphasize the original art and preserve the tradition; you will have a better experience learning Muay Thai in this way.

It is also here in Thailand that you will learn a lot about the history of Muay Thai and its origin. Because the sport is birthed in Thailand, it is connected to the history of Thai and you will be able to learn about the sport together with the beliefs and mindset that goes with it.

Many dojos will open their doors to foreigners for training, although there are some dojos that are uncomfortable with sharing their knowledge and expertise with the western world. These are few because most trainers would rather see a desire to learn or a love for the sport rather than a person’s origin.

Muay Thai is popular in Thailand and there are lots of gyms to choose from. Some options you can try include:

Muay Thai Boxing Camp at  : This is an amazing way to get started. They will accept anyone from anywhere in the world who has the desire and the means to learn Muay Thai. 

 You can also try the Suwit Muay Thai camp or the Phuket Muay Thai gym.

It is one thing to train for a fight, however, marketing yourself and handling the business side of Muay Thai is something that is commonly overlooked by coaches, fighter, and gym owners.

Now, marketing yourself does not give you automatic qualification to become a Muay Thai expert or a top fighter. However, building and developing your personal brand as you continue your Muay Thai career will help you share your story, advertise to reach a wider audience and open up opportunities that otherwise might have passed you by.

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