How do I invest in Colonial First State?

What type of fund is Colonial First State?

FirstChoice Wholesale Investments provides access to a wide range of managed funds across different asset classes such as shares, fixed interest, property and cash, all in the one place.

PRODUCT SNAPSHOT.Asset classesCash, Fixed Interest, Shares, Property and Infrastructure securitiesFund managers70+Ещё 2 строки

Was Colonial First State sold?

On 13 May 2020, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) announced an agreement to the partial sale of Colonial First State (CFS) to a new majority shareholder.

What does Colonial First State do?

Colonial First State, established in 1988, is one of Australia’s leading wealth management groups, with more than A$130 billion under management. They provide investment, superannuation and retirement products to individuals as well as to corporate and superannuation fund investors.

Is Colonial First State the same as First State Super?

Colonial First State is a provider of superannuation as well as a range of other investment products. It is a subsidiary of the the Commonwealth Bank Group.

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Is CBA selling Colonial First State?

CBA announces agreement to sell 55% stake in Colonial First State to KKR. Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) today announced it has entered into an agreement to sell a 55% interest in Colonial First State (CFS) to KKR, a global investment firm with US$207 billion of assets under management as at 31 March 2020.13 мая 2020 г.

Is Colonial First State a good super fund?

In recent years Colonial First State FirstChoice has won the following awards: 2021: Best Value Income Protection Insurance in Super (Money magazine) 2021: Highest Super Performer (Money magazine) 2020: Best Fund: Longevity Product (Chant West)

Which is the best super fund?

Top 10 Balanced investment options (super funds): 10 years to June 2020Super fundInvestment optionReturn (% per yr)TelstraSuperDefensive Growth7.8%AustralianSuperConservative Balanced7.7%HostplusConservative Balanced7.2%UniSuperConservative Balanced7.2%Ещё 6 строк

Is First State Super an industry super?

Aware Super (previously known as First State Super) Aware Super is an industry super fund. It says it is one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds and membership is open to all.

What is a colonial state?

Colonial states were established in India and Africa. In large parts of Asia, notably China, power was indirectly exercised through client rulers. … This suggests that the nation-state was the inheritor of the colonial state. Political movements formed within the colonial state, whether to oppose or collaborate.

Does Colonial First State have an app?

Download the app now from:

The Google Play store for Android devices.

Is Colonial First State an APRA fund?

Changes to objectives, strategies and asset allocations – Colonial First State Retail Funds. We have updated the investment objectives of a number of the funds to meet the new prudential standards of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). … Colonial First State Wholesale Investments.

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How do I withdraw money from Colonial First State?

To make a withdrawal you can send us a letter or fax providing your account number, the amount you wish to withdraw and the method of payment. To order a form, call Investor Services on 13 13 36. To switch between funds, download and complete the relevant Switch form and return to us.

Does Colonial First State Super have exit fees?

From January 2019, exit and contribution fees will not be charged to members in the Rollover & Superannuation Fund. … we will no longer charge exit fees (previously up to 3% for members in nil entry fee options and nil for other entry fee options) from any amounts withdrawn from your account.

How do I close my Colonial First State account?

To request to cancel or reduce your cover, call us on 13 13 36 (8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, Sydney time) and one of team members will help you.