What number is a dividend?

60 is called the dividend; it is the number being divided by 15. 4 is called the quotient.

Is the dividend the first or second number?

The first number is the dividend (6), and the second number is the divisor (3). The result (or answer) is the quotient, where any left-over amount as whole numbers is called the “remainder”. For example, 14/4 gives quotient 3 with remainder 2, all expressed as the number2⁄4, or as1⁄2 or 3.5).

Is the dividend on the top or bottom?

The first digit of the dividend (4) is divided by the divisor. The whole number result is placed at the top. Any remainders are ignored at this point. The answer from the first operation is multiplied by the divisor.

What is dividend and divisor in maths?

A divisor is a number that divides another number either completely or with a remainder. A divisor is represented in a division equation as: Dividend ÷ Divisor = Quotient.

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What is a dividend in math mean?

In division, the amount or number to be divided is called the dividend. Dividend is the whole that is to be divided into parts. Here, for example, 12 candies are to be divided among 3 children. 12 is the dividend.

What do you call the number that is left over after one number is divided into another number?

The number which is divided is called the dividend. The number which divides is called the divisor. The number which is the result of the division is called the quotient. If there is any number left over, it is called the remainder.

Do you always divide the bigger number first?

A common misconception among students is that, when dividing, you always put the larger number first. When this concept “sticks”, it is extremely difficult to undo later when students learn that you can, in fact, divide a smaller number by a larger one.

What comes first divisor or dividend?

The number that is divided is called the dividend and the number which the dividend is being divided by is the divisor. The answer to a division problem is the quotient. … It is sometimes very helpful if you think of division as multiplication.

Is the dividend inside the house?

In this case, 5 is the divisor (the number we’re dividing by) and it goes on the outside of the division bar, as shown. … 125 is the dividend (the number we’re dividing) and it goes on the inside of the division bar. The quotient (answer) will eventually sit on top of the division bar, when we’re done.

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Where does the dividend go in a division problem?

The divisor is the number appearing to the left, or outside, of the division bracket, while the dividend appears to the right, or underneath, the division bracket.

What is an example of a dividend?

An example of a dividend is an amount of money shared amongst many stockholders. An example of a dividend is a refund made to insurance policy holders from the the insurance company’s profits. … A distribution, typically quarterly, of a corporation’s earnings to its shareholders. Dividends can be paid in cash or stock.

What is the formula to find the dividend?

Dividend = Divisor x Quotient + Remainder

Here, x is the dividend, y is the divisor and z is the quotient. Hence, this is the formula.

How do you find the divisor?

Answer: If you know the answer to a division question (quotient) and the number being divided (dividend) its relitively easy to find the divisor. Consider this example: Remainder=4, quotient=5, dividend=49, divisor=? Subtract the Remainder from the Dividend, and then Divide that answer by the Quotient.

What is a dividend 4th grade math?

The amount that you want to divide up. dividend ÷ divisor = quotient. Example: in 12 ÷ 3 = 4, 12 is the dividend.

What is a good quarterly dividend?

Warnings About Dividend Income

A good dividend yield will vary with interest rates and general market conditions, but typically a yield of 4 to 6 percent is considered quite good. A lower yield may not be enough justification for investors to buy a stock just for the dividend income.

Which is the quotient?

a quotient is the answer to a division problem. The divisor is the number of parts you divide the dividend by. The dividend is the number you are dividing.

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