You asked: Can I legally invest other people’s money in India?

you can invest money of others in share market after obtaining trading license as broker from the stock exchange or sub-broker license from any broker agency. sub-broker is easy task for you because it may obtained by paying security only and no need to qualify any exam.

How do you invest in other peoples money?

Another option for investing with other people’s money is with private money. You can raise money to buy an investment property from wealthy individuals in your professional or personal network. This includes family members, friends, and colleagues. They will not only fund your purchase but also assume the risk.

Can I legally invest other people’s money UK?

You need to start an unregulated investment scheme or hedgefund. As the name suggests you are not regulated but you must only have HNW clients (UK laws) that is clients who have 200k or more in assets. … To top it all investors can loose all their investments with no fall out at all from authorities.

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Can I trade on behalf of someone else in India?

SEBI wont’ allow anyone in India to accept POAs and trade on their behalf. As a business regulated by SEBI, we can’t do anything they say no to.

Can you open an investment account for someone else?

Minors may not be able to open their own brokerage accounts, but family and friends can help them set up custodial or guardian accounts, and when a child begins to earn income (for at least one year), he or she can open an IRA.

How can I get rich from other people’s money?

Instead, using other people’s money, aka OPM, can help you get ahead financially, even if you want to start investing with little money.

  1. 10 Steps to Building Wealth Using OPM. …
  2. Buy a House. …
  3. Small Business Loans From the SBA. …
  4. Rental Real Estate. …
  5. Margin Loans. …
  6. Silent Partners. …
  7. 401k Matching. …
  8. Angel Investors.

How do you buy real estate with other peoples money?

Trading stock on margin is a good way to make someone else rich. Real estate operates in the reverse. It’s a great way to make money on somebody else’s dime. When you borrow money for a real estate investment, you pay it back on a predetermined payment schedule just like any other loan.

Do I need a license to manage money?

The only universal license requirement for a hedge fund manager is an ordinary business license. … Additionally, if a hedge fund manager is managing more than $30 million worth of investment assets, he is required to register as an investment advisor at the federal level per the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

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Can you pay someone to invest my money?

You don’t need to pay someone to manage your investments for you. In fact, you may be MUCH better off doing it on your own, and it doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of time.

What is it called when you manage someone’s money?

Sometimes called durable power of attorney, this is a legal document in which one person assigns another the power to make financial decisions on their behalf, should the assignor become unable to make sound decisions. The person assigned power of attorney is called an “agent” or “attorney-in-fact.”

What license do I need to trade other people’s money in India?

6 Answers. You requires a stock broker’s license to dot this. Refer to SEBI Rules on this. you can invest money of others in share market after obtaining trading license as broker from the stock exchange or sub-broker license from any broker agency.

Can I buy shares in someone else name?

It involves buying shares in the name of that someone else by making what’s called a “third party purchase”. This means you buy shares in their name from your broker. … You’ll need to fill in an off-market transfer form (which both you and the new owner of the shares will have to sign).

Can I hire a day trader?

Hiring a trader for your trades is not advisable as the losses will be yours and in case of profits he will have his share in it. You can invest in Mutual Funds rather than hiring a trader.

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What is the best bank to open an investment account?

Best Brokers for Banking

  • Merrill Edge – Bank of America.
  • Chase You Invest Trade – Chase Bank.
  • Ally Invest – Ally Bank.
  • Charles Schwab – Schwab Bank.
  • Fidelity – Fidelity.

What is the best account to open for a child?

NerdWallet’s Best Savings Accounts for Kids

  • Capital One Kids Savings Account.
  • Alliant Credit Union Kids Savings Account.
  • Bank of America Minor Savings Account.
  • Golden 1 Credit Union Youth Savings Account.
  • BECU Early Savers Account.

What is the best investment account to open?

Summary of the best investment accounts for young investorsCompanyMinimum investmentInvestment OptionsTD AmeritradeNoneStocks Options ETFs Mutual funds Futures CryptocurrencyFidelityNoneStocks Mutual funds ETFs Options BondsVanguardTypically $1,000Stocks Mutual funds ETFs Options BondsЕщё 8 строк