Do you pay CGT on EIS shares?

Are EIS gains subject to CGT?

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Exemption

There will be no CGT charged on any gain of EIS shares disposed after the minimum holding period on which Income Tax relief was given and not withdrawn.

Is EIS CGT exempt?

If you’ve no liability to Income Tax before taking account of your subscription for EIS shares, you’ll receive no Income Tax relief and any gain on the disposal of the EIS shares will be chargeable. You may be able to use your CGT AEA , £11,700 for 2018 to 2019, to cover all or part of your gain.

Are EIS investments tax-free?

When investors sell EIS shares, any growth in value from an investment is 100% tax-free. Which is worth noting because small, early-stage companies have the potential to grow significantly. To qualify for this relief, income tax relief must have already been claimed – and not withdrawn by HMRC.

Are dividends on EIS shares taxable?

EIS dividends are currently taxable. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Relief. Currently EIS allow investors to defer CGT on gains as long as the disposal proceeds are reinvested in EIS qualifying companies.

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What happens if you sell EIS shares within 3 years?

If you sell EIS shares within 3 years of the date they were issued (and the sale is not to your spouse or civil partner): Income Tax relief for those you sell will be wholly or partly withdrawn. it will be chargeable to Capital Gains Tax, if you make a gain on the disposal.

What is the maximum EIS investment?

How much can I invest in EIS? The maximum amount you can invest is £1 million per tax year or £2 million, providing anything above £1 million is in ‘knowledge intensive’ investments. In theory, it’s possible to invest more.

How many years can you carry back EIS relief?

If you invest with EIS , SEIS or SITR , you can claim relief up to 5 years after the 31 January following the tax year in which you made the investment.

When can I claim EIS tax relief?

You will normally claim EIS tax relief when you complete your tax return. You will be asked some information which is included in your EIS3 certificates. These are certificates you receive from each of the companies you invested in, typically a few months after the investment.

Are EIS a good investment?

A potential win for start-ups and investors. … But EIS isn’t just potentially good for the investor. It’s been pivotal in ensuring start-ups in the UK can reach their potential. Under EIS, small businesses can raise up to £5million each year, and a maximum of £12million in the company’s lifetime.

What happens if an EIS company goes bust?

Income Tax – Relief Withdrawal:

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– If the EIS company goes into liquidation within (generally) three years of the share issue, Income Tax relief originally given is clawed back. … – However, if the value received on liquidation is considered insignificant or no value is received at all, no Income Tax relief is withdrawn.

How do I claim an EIS loss relief on my taxes?

If you complete a self-assessment tax return, you can claim EIS losses against either income tax or capital gains tax by completing the SA108 form (the Self-Assessment form). If you don’t already complete this online, you can request a Self-Assement form from