Frequent question: How can I earn Share Points?

How much are share points worth?


Members can Redeem Points in Participating Brands as an equivalent to cash, with the redemption rate set at 10 points = 1 AED. The minimum redemption amount is 10 points (equivalent value of 1 AED), then upwards in increments of 0.1 point (equivalent value of 0.01 AED).

How do you earn Carrefour points?

With MyCLUB membership, you can:

  1. Earn points while shopping at any Carrefour store or online on,
  2. Receive personalized coupons with attractive discounts,
  3. Redeem your points instantly through loyalty MyCLUB discount both in-store and online,

What can I do with my share points?

Redeeming SHARE Points

  • Use your SHARE ID. Redeem your points towards your purchases by scanning your SHARE ID at: …
  • Redeem for a Mall Gift Card. Redeem your points towards a mall gift card and use it for all your dining and shopping across our malls. …
  • Redeem your Points Online.

Do share points expire?

Do SHARE points expire? Any unused points will automatically expire after 24 months.

How are share points calculated?

For stocks, one point equals one dollar. So when you hear that a stock has lost or gained X number of points, it is the same as saying the stock has lost or gained X number of dollars. Using points to describe share price gains, or declines, is generally done to describe short-term results, such as for the day or week.

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How can I transfer my globe points to another number?

Text SHARE <space><10-digit receiver mobile number><space><amount you want to transfer> to 4438.

How do I redeem Carrefour points?

Simply pay for your purchases using the SHARE Wallet or scan your receipts. You can also redeem your points for any of your purchases by using your SHARE Wallet in-store or buying a shopping mall gift card. You can choose to pay for your purchase fully using points, or with a combination of cash and points.

How do you earn Club Points?

You can earn points each time you make a purchase at a Carrefour stores in Saudi Arabia, using your MyCLUB account number. You can take advantage of our special MyCLUB events by getting extra points on selected products and categories. You’ll save money by redeeming your points as (every 100 points = 1 SAR).

What is MAF Carrefour?

Carrefour was launched in the region in 1995 by UAE-based Majid Al Futtaim, which is the exclusive franchisee to operate Carrefour in over 30 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and fully owns the operations in the region.

How do I share Microsoft reward points?

You may transfer reward points to family members as per the below.

  1. Go to the Microsoft account family page and add your family members. Then visit your family leaderboard in Microsoft Rewards to give points.
  2. At the moment a level 1 Microsoft Rewards member may only give or receive 1,000 points per calendar month.

What is share loyalty?

Loyalty shares are shares (and incentives) that are given to partners who have stay in a company for a certain period of time. It is a reward for the loyalty of those partners who did not sell their shares.

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How does my club Carrefour work?

MyCLUB is a Majid Al Futtaim Carrefour loyalty program and is totally free of charge for life! … Earn points while shopping at any Carrefour store plus online through or via MAF Carrefour Mobile App. Receive personalized coupons with attractive discounts.

How can I redeem my credit card points?

On the card issuer’s website, there will typically be a redemption portal where you can see what you’ve earned and choose how you want to redeem it. Many card issuers will allow you to redeem your cash back with a statement credit, a direct deposit to your bank account or a check payable to you.

How do I use Vox points?


You can redeem your points on online transactions (movie tickets only) by logging into or the VOX App with your registered email address. If you are purchasing tickets and refreshments in person, please present you SHARE ID at the candy bar.