How do I access Woolworths shares?

How do I find out where my shares are?

Search for lost shareholdings and unclaimed money through the Australian Government website The ASIC website contains details of how to claim your money. The unclaimed money form will step you through all the information you need to provide to ASIC.

How do I cash in Woolworths shares?

Sell Woolworths Shares

Woolworths Group Limited shares (WOW) can be sold through a broker or online broking service who will trade your shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Who looks after Woolworths shares?

The Woolworths Group Limited share register is managed by Link Market Services Limited. The Link Investor Centre allows shareholders to easily access Link’s services and manages current holdings online.

How do I sell my Woolworths employee shares?

Once the three-year restriction period has passed (or when you cease to be employed with the Woolworths Group) and your Shares have been transferred to you as ordinary fully paid Shares, you can arrange to sell them online via the Link Market Services employee investor centre or on the ASX through a stockbroker.

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How can I check my shares online?

How to Check Demat Account Balance

  1. Visit the CDSL website.
  2. Login using the appropriate details.
  3. When requested, enter your 10 digit PAN number.
  4. Next, enter your 16 digits Demat account number.
  5. Enter your DOB.
  6. Complete Captcha requirements.
  7. Click to generate an OTP which will be sent to your registered mobile number.

How do I check my Wesfarmers shares?

How can I find out information about my shares now? Call the shareholder information line on 1300 554 474.

How do I know if I have Coles shares?

Coles shares

You can view your historical Coles shareholding details online through the former Coles Share Registry website for Link Market Services. Access your Coles shareholding details online or contact Link Market Services at the contact points listed below.

What dividend does Woolworths pay?

The next Woolworths Group Limited dividend went ex 1 month ago and to be paid today.

Dividend Summary.

Summary Previous dividend Next dividend
Status Paid Paid
Type Interim Final
Per share 53c 55c
Declaration date 01 Sep 2020 (Tue) 26 Aug 2021 (Thu)

Who are the major shareholders in Woolworths?

Woolworths Holdings Limited is a retail company.


Name Equities %
Rothschild Investment Corp. 16,031 0.0015%
Columbia Management Investment Advisers LLC 10,208 0.0010%
Progressive Investment Management Corp. 9,594 0.0009%
MB Financial Bank, NA (Trust Department) 490 0.0000%

Why are Woolworths shares going down?

Woolworths shares fell 1.9 per cent yesterday, after the supermarket giant wrote down the value of its metro store network. Woolworths flagged a $50 million impairment charge, based on the impact of COVID-19 on foot traffic in CBD locations, which is where the 13 convenience-style stores are located.

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Can you sell shares without a broker?

So yes, you do need a broker to sell shares in Australia, but not in the traditional way you expect.

How do I sell my shares?

Steps to Sell Your Stock Using a Broker

  1. Step 1: Pick a Broker. If you own stock but do not have a stockbroker, then you probably have physical stock certificates in your possession. …
  2. Step 2: Try Out the Broker’s Trading Platform. …
  3. Step 3: Deposit Your Stock and Fund an Account. …
  4. Step 4: Sell Your Stock.

How do I sell my CBA staff shares?

How can I buy or sell Commonwealth Bank shares? You can buy or sell your shares on the stock market through a broker or through an online broker. If you do not have a broker, the Australian Securities Exchange operates a broker referral service. Please refer to their website or call them on 131 279.