How do I share my NAS folder?

How do I share a Synology folder?

Files or folders stored on your Synology NAS can be shared quickly and easily. Simply right-click a file or folder and select Share file links. This generates a link and QR code, which can be sent to friends or other users.

How do I access my Synology NAS shared folder?

Go to Control Panel > Shared Folder. Select the shared folder that you want to access with your NFS client and click Edit. Go to NFS Permissions and click Create. Refer to this article to edit the permission settings.

What is a shared folder on Synology NAS?

A shared folder is a home folder where you can store and manage your files and subfolders. Before you save files you must have at least one shared folder. Through the step-by-step plan below, I will show you how you can create such a shared folder.

How do I copy files to my NAS drive?

To move or copy files from your computer to the NAS you can use the same commands as you have in windows (ctrl+c= copy, ctrl+v= paste), drag and drop between the windows, or upload.

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How do I sync folders between two Synology NAS?

Managing Sync Tasks

  1. Sign in to the source Synology NAS and go to Control Panel > Shared Folder Sync > Task List.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a name for the task.
  4. Select the shared folder or shared folders you want to sync to the destination.
  5. Specify the destination Synology NAS and select the sync options that suit your needs:

How do I access my NAS drive?

Business Storage Windows Server NAS – How to Access with Remote Desktop

  1. Press the Windows key ( …
  2. Press the Start button.
  3. In the Search files and folders field, type the following: …
  4. Open the Remote Desktop Connection application.
  5. Enter the IP address of the NAS device, then click Connect. …
  6. For the user, enter: Administrator.

Can I connect Synology NAS directly to PC?

When you connect Synology NAS directly to Mac or Windows computer over ethernet, both NAS and the PC have to be on the same IP address to communicate with each other. Else, you’ll not be able to access the NAS. You can change the IP address of your PC but not the IP address of NAS unless you have access to NAS.

How do I copy files to Synology NAS?

Drag and Drop Files/Folders between Browsers

  1. Go to Settings > General > File Station.
  2. Tick Enable drag and drop between browsers.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Open two web browsers of the same kind (e.g., Firefox), and connect them respectively to the source and target Synology NAS.
  5. Launch File Station on both Synology NAS.

How do I upload folders to Synology NAS?

Upload Files or Folders

  1. From the upper part of the left panel, select a destination folder on Synology Router.
  2. Click Upload, choose Upload – Skip or Upload – Overwrite and select files or folders from your local computer.
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How do I transfer files from Synology NAS to USB?

USB Copy

  1. Insert an external USB/SD storage device to your Synology NAS.
  2. Click Create (the plus icon) on the bottom left corner.
  3. Select a desired task type: Photo/Video Import, Data Import, or Data Export.
  4. Specify basic task information and choose a copy mode:

How do I copy a folder from one Synology NAS to another?

Method 3:

  1. Select the files or folders you want to move or copy. …
  2. Press Ctrl + X to cut or Ctrl + C to copy the files/folders. …
  3. Go to the destination folder on the Synology NAS.
  4. Press Ctrl + V to paste the files/folders.

What is a NAS file share?

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a file-level (as opposed to block-level storage) computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients. … They typically provide access to files using network file sharing protocols such as NFS, SMB, or AFP.