Question: How do I create a shared folder in Windows Server 2016?

How do I create a shared folder on my server?

Creating a shared folder on a computer running Windows/Confirming a computer’s information

  1. Create a folder, just as you would create a normal folder, in a location of your choice on the computer.
  2. Right-click the folder, and then click [Sharing and Security].
  3. On the [Sharing] tab, select [Share this folder].

How do I share files in Windows Server 2016?

The method that’s familiar to most Windows systems administrators is to right-click the target folder, select Properties from the shortcut menu, and navigate to the Sharing tab. You then click Advanced Sharing, enable Share this folder, and click Permissions to adjust the folder’s access control list (ACL).

How do you create a file share?

How to share files using File Explorer

  1. Open File Explorer on Windows 10.
  2. Navigate to the folder you want to share.
  3. Right-click the item, and select the Properties option. …
  4. Click on the Sharing tab.
  5. Click the Share button. …
  6. Use the drop-down menu to select the user or group to share a file or folder. …
  7. Click the Add button.

How do I access a shared folder on my server?

Right click on the Computer icon on the desktop. From the drop down list, choose Map Network Drive. Pick a drive letter that you want to use to access the shared folder and then type in the UNC path to the folder. UNC path is just a special format for pointing to a folder on another computer.

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How do I create a shared file on Windows Server 2019?

Right-Click the Folder you’d like to set Sharing and Open [Properties]. Next, move to [Sharing] tab and Click [Advanced Sharing] button. Check a box [Share this folder] and input any Share name you like on [Share name] field. Next, Click [Permissions] button.

How do I create a shared folder in Active Directory 2016?


  1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) snap-in.
  2. In the left pane, browse to the OU in which you want to publish the share.
  3. Right-click the OU and select New → Shared Folder (if you don’t see the New heading then you don’t have permission to create objects in the OU).

How do I share a file on a server?

Network Administration: File Server Management

  1. In the Share and Storage Management console, choose Provision Share. …
  2. Type the path of the folder that you want to share over the network and then click Next. …
  3. Change the NTFS Permissions if you want and then click Next.

How do I change folder permissions in CMD?

To modify the permission flags on existing files and directories, use the chmod command (“change mode”). It can be used for individual files or it can be run recursively with the -R option to change permissions for all of the subdirectories and files within a directory.

How do I configure files and storage services in Windows 2016?

Storage Role Services In Windows Server 2016

  1. Open Server Manager —> Click on Add Roles and Services. …
  2. Select the Installation Type —> Click Next. …
  3. Select the Server from Server Pool —> Click Next. …
  4. If you expand File and Storage Services —> then expand, File and iSCSI Services, you’ll see different storage role services.
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