Question: Where are Telstra shares registered?

Where are Telstra shares held?

Last day of trading of Telstra shares on NZX. From close of business Telstra will delist from NZX. All shareholder details held on the Link New Zealand Investor Centre will be migrated to the Link Australia Investor Centre. First day Telstra shares will trade solely on the ASX.

Which share registry is Telstra?

If you wish to sell your shares (and you do not have a broker) you can go through Link Market Services (Telstra’s share registry).

How do I find my Telstra SRN?

Before you can sell your Telstra shares, you need your Security Reference Number (SRN). This is a 10-digit reference number will start with the letter ‘I’. This can be found on any holding statement or dividend statement you have received.

Are Telstra shares a good buy?

Are its shares good value? In addition to offering investors a generous yield, Goldman Sachs sees value in Telstra shares at the current level. Its analysts have a buy rating and $4.20 price target on them at present. This implies potential upside of 11% over the next 12 months.

Does Telstra pay dividends?

Telstra chief executive Andy Penn admits there is still work to ensure its coveted 16¢ a share full-year dividend is sustained into the future as the telecoms giant races to hit earnings “aspirations” for 2022-23. … Telstra’s free cash flows grew 11.6 per cent to $3.8 billion in the 2020-21 period.

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Does Telstra have a DRP?

Telstra’s DRP last operated in 2008. … From September 2015 the DRP will enable shareholders to reinvest either all or part of their dividend payments into additional fully paid Telstra shares. No brokerage or other transaction costs will be payable by shareholders on shares acquired under the DRP.

How do I check how many shares I have?

To know how many shares of stock you have, you can generally check your brokerage statements or the brokerage website. The number of shares you own may change as you trade stock, but it can also change due to a variety of events initiated by the companies in which you’re investing.

Do Telstra shareholders get discounts?

Shareholders who are customers may also be able to receive a Telstra Pensioner Discount on their eligible Telstra fixed line service if they have a valid Pension Concession Card issued by the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) or Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

How do I find my CBA shares?

You can find out your current balance, transaction history and dividend payment information through the Share registry services page on the Shareholder centre or by logging on to the Investor Centre of Link Market Services’ website.

How can I find my SRN number?

You can find your SRN on correspondences sent to you by the company you own shares in, or more precisely, their share registry. This includes Dividend Statements and Holding Statements. Sometimes, the SRN is called a Reference Number (without the “Security”).

Who is the issuer of my shares?

You can find out how your shares are held from the reference number on the top right corner of your latest holding or dividend statement. If the reference number on your statement begins with an ‘I’ this is a Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) which means your shares are Issuer Sponsored.

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