Quick Answer: How many states share their boundaries with West Bengal?

Executive branch of the government of West Bengal

Which countries border West Bengal?

West Bengal is situated in eastern India and shares its borders with Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Sikkim, and Assam. The state also shares international borders with Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal. The Bay of Bengal is in the south of West Bengal.

Which state shares the largest boundary with West Bengal?

West Bengal with 2,217 km share longest border with Bangladesh. Other states include 262 km in Assam, 856 km in Tripura, 180 km in Mizoram, 443 km in Meghalaya, and 2,217 km in West Bengal.

Is West Bengal a poor state?

During the next decade, poverty fell by 7 percentage points to 20% in the state, while the national average fell to 22%. … The figures suggest that, despite the state’s lack of economic dynamism, the rate of growth of purchasing power in rural areas of West Bengal has been higher than the national average.

Is West Bengal a rich state?

West Bengal is the primary business and financial hub of Eastern India. The state primarily dependent on agriculture and medium-sized industry. West Bengal have Jute industry, Tea industry. West Bengal is rich in minerals like coal.

Economy of West Bengal.

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Expenses ₹308,727 crore (US$43 billion) (2021–2022)

What is Bengal famous for?

West Bengal is famous for its terracotta temples of Bishnupur. Hazarduari Palace, a popular tourist attraction, is known to have the second largest chandelier in the world and also the largest staircase in India.

Which state shares the longest boundary with China?

The correct answer is option 1) i.e. Arunachal Pradhesh. This state is the most northeastern one of India. China and Arunachal Pradesh share a border, which is called McMahon Line. Also, the Republic of China claims a large part of the state.

Which state has highest international boundary?

Length of International Border of different States

State International Border Length (KM)
Jammu and Kashmir 3176
West Bengal 2509.7
Arunachal Pradesh 1817
Rajasthan 1170

Which state has longest border with Pakistan?

Therefore, it is also considered as world’s one of the most dangerous borders. Indian states that share borders with Pakistan are: Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab.

Shikha Goyal.

State Total Length (in Km)
Jammu and Kashmir 1,222 Km
Rajasthan 1,170 Km
Gujarat 506 Km
Punjab 425 Km