What is the record date for Wipro bonus shares?

What is record date for bonus?

The record date is a cut-off date set by the company and the investors must be shareholders of the company before this date for them to be eligible to receive bonus share issue. Besides, the ex-date is a day preceding the record date set by the company.

Will Wipro issue Bonus shares?

Wipro in February received approval from the majority of its shareholders for the issue of bonus shares and increase in authorised share capital.

What is ex-date and record date for bonus?

They are the ex-date and record date. The record date is the date set by the company under which the investor must own shares by that date, to be eligible for bonus announced by the company. All the investors holding the share on the record date are eligible to get bonus share of the company.

When did Wipro give Bonus shares?


Bonus History
Announcement Date Bonus Ratio Ex-Bonus Date
18/01/2019 1 : 3 06/03/2019
25/04/2017 1 : 1 13/06/2017
23/04/2010 2 : 3 15/06/2010

Is it good to buy bonus shares?

Increasing the number of outstanding shares through a bonus issue increases the participation of smaller investors in the company’s shares and hence enhances the liquidity of the stock. The Increase in the issued share capital increases the perception of company’s size.

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Which company gives maximum bonus?


Redington 1:1 07-07-2021
A-1 Acid 3:20 09-07-2021
Sun Retail 3:5 30-06-2021
Kshitij Polylin 1:6 08-07-2021

Can we buy Wipro shares?

Wipro shares can be purchased on the open market in India through either a stock broker or any financial institution that provides brokerage services at the BSE or NSE.

Which is best shares to buy?

Stocks to Buy Today: Best Shares to Buy in India

Name LTP High
Britannia Inds. 3,883.30 3,929
UltraTech Cem. 7,335.75 7,405
Tata Consumer 818.75 829
HDFC Life Insur. 722.10 731

Which share gives highest dividend?

Highest Dividend Yield Shares

S.No. Name CMP Rs.
1. I O C L 130.10
2. Balmer Law. Inv. 423.10
3. Coal India 192.85
4. REC Ltd 157.30

What happens if you buy a stock after the record date for a split?

What happens if I buy or sell shares on or after the Record Date and before the Ex-Date? … If you buy shares on or after the Record Date but before the Ex-Date, you will purchase the shares at the pre-split price and will receive (or your brokerage account will be credited with) the shares purchased.

What is difference between ex-date and record date?

The ex-date is one business day before the date of record. The date of record is the day on which the company checks its records to identify shareholders of the company. … The date of payment is the day the company mails out the dividend to all holders of record.

Which company will give bonus share in 2021?


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Company Name Proportion Record Date
Crown Lifters 4:1 20-Oct-2021
KKV Agro Powers 1:4 18-Oct-2021
Advitiya Trade India 44:100 14-Oct-2021
SRF 4:1 14-Oct-2021