Which company gives bonus shares every year?

Which company gives bonus shares regularly?


Company Name Proportion Ex-Bonus Date
Dhunseri Tea 1:2 05-Aug-2021
Globe Textiles (I) 2:1 03-Aug-2021
Maan Aluminium 1:1 02-Aug-2021
Power Grid Corp 1:3 29-Jul-2021

Which company may give bonus share in 2021?

List Of Companies Issuing Bonus Shares in India 2021

Company name Proportion Record date
Redington 1:1 20-Aug-2021
Dhunseri Tea 1:2 06-Aug-2021
Maan Aluminium 1:1 03-Aug-2021
Tide Water Oil Co(I) 1:1 27-Jul-2021

How often do companies give bonus shares?

A bonus issue, also known as a scrip issue or a capitalization issue, is an offer of free additional shares to existing shareholders. A company may decide to distribute further shares as an alternative to increasing the dividend payout. For example, a company may give one bonus share for every five shares held.

Which shareholders get bonus?

All existing shareholders before the ex-date and record date are eligible to receive bonus shares issued by a company. However, to qualify to receive bonus shares, the company stocks must be bought before the ex-date.

Which company gives highest return?

Which are the highest return stocks in last 10 Years in India

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SL Name GMR Score
1 Sanmit Infra 46.5
2 Kanchi Karpooram 46.18
3 Minda Ind. 44.84
4 Amal 43.38

Which company gives maximum time bonus?

5 Nifty companies announce bonus shares in 2017; highest in 11 years

Date Ratio
BPCL 01/06/2017 2
Wipro 31/05/2017 1
ICICI Bank 04/05/2017 10
GAIL (India) 22/02/2017 3

Which company gives highest dividend?

Model Portfolio

Sr. No Company Name Dividend Yield (%)
1 Bajaj Auto 3.38
2 GAIL 3.93
3 Hindustan Zinc 6.27
4 SJVN 7.42

Will ITC give bonus shares in 2021?

This company always gives dividend and bonus to it’s share holders. They can also give bonus in 2021. … ITC has given dividend in Q3 of 5₹. This company always gives dividend and bonus to it’s share holders.

Will Infosys give bonus shares in 2021?

The Board of Directors of Infosys Limited in their meeting held on October 14, 2020 has declared an interim dividend of Rs. 12/- per equity share. … Upcoming Bonus Shares 2021 . This will be the third bonus share offering by the company since its listing in 2004.

Which companies are giving bonus shares in 2020?


Sadhana Nitro 1:2 18-09-2020
Shradha Infra 5:100 17-09-2020
GGL 5:6 14-09-2020
Banka Bioloo 3:2 09-09-2020

Is it good to buy bonus shares?

Increasing the number of outstanding shares through a bonus issue increases the participation of smaller investors in the company’s shares and hence enhances the liquidity of the stock. The Increase in the issued share capital increases the perception of company’s size.

Are bonus shares good?

There is no need for investors to pay any tax on receiving bonus shares. It is beneficial for the long-term shareholders of the company who want to increase their investment. Bonus shares enhance the faith of the investors in the operations of the company because the cash is used by the company for business growth.

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