How can I share 2GB data online?

WeTransfer is one of the easiest file sharing websites that has fewer limitations on its free file sharing service. You can send up to 2GB of data in one go and there are no limitations on the number of files shared at a time. Just enter the email addresses of the recipients, your email address and click “Transfer”.

How can I share 2GB data online for free?

9 Ways To Share Big Files For Free

  1. Share By Link. Share By Link offers free, unlimited file sharing and supports large files up to 2GB. …
  2. Transfer Big Files. Transfer Big Files allows users to send files up to 30MB for free. …
  3. WeTransfer. This intuitive web-based file-sharing service lets users transfer 2GB at a time. …
  4. Filemail.

How can I send more than 2GB online?

One easy solution is to upload the file to a cloud storage service for the other person to then access and download from their device. Free tiers from Box (10GB), Dropbox (2GB), Google Drive (15GB), iCloud (5GB), and OneDrive (5GB) offer storage space that may solve your issue.

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How can I send GB data online?

Best Ways to Share Big Files

  1. Upload your files to a cloud storage service, and share them or email them to others.
  2. Use file compression software, like 7-Zip.
  3. Purchase a USB flash drive.
  4. Use Jumpshare, a free online service.
  5. Try Sendy PRO.
  6. Use a VPN.
  7. Transfer files using SFTP.

How do you share GB of data?

Sharing and Transferring Gigabytes of Data

  1. USB Drives.
  2. Email attachments.
  3. Network drives.
  4. Secure file servers.
  5. Laboratory Management Systems and Cloud Storage. Cloud, or internet, services can be extremely useful for sharing data within a core group of people because access is always just a desktop or mobile device away.

How can I send 20 GB for free?

Send files, big and small

With Dropbox, you can send large file types to anyone on any device. When sharing with another Dropbox user, create a shared link. With Dropbox Transfer, you can send files up to 100 GB (or 250 GB with the Creative Tools Add-On) without taking up space in your Dropbox.

What is the best way to share files online?

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Hightail — formerly YouSendIt — are among the services that enable you to share big files easily, as well as store them in the cloud, sync them across multiple devices, and collaborate on them with colleagues and clients.

How can I send a 17 GB file?

Upload to a cloud storage service

  1. Google Drive. Google Drive offers up to 15GB of free storage and allows you to share large files, such as pictures and video, in just a few clicks. …
  2. Dropbox. …
  3. OneDrive. …
  4. Box. …
  5. MediaFire. …
  6. pCloud. …
  7. Masv.
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What is the best free file sharing site?

We have curated a list of some of the best and free file sharing sites on the internet right now:

  • Google Drive.
  • Jumpshare.
  • Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Box.
  • Amazon Drive.
  • Dropbox.
  • Hightail.

How can I send 500mb file in WhatsApp?

You cannot send any file or video for more than the mentioned size. The only way to send large files on WhatsApp is by uploading them on Google Drive and then sharing on the messaging app.

How do I transfer files online?

100% secure

  1. Click on “add files” and select the files that you want to send. You can also drag your files or directories from your computer to this window. …
  2. Choose your sharing method.
  3. Add a personalized message (optional) and hit Transfer.

How can I send 100gb files for free?

8 Best Ways to Send Large Files For Free

  1. Google Drive. Google Drive provides up to 15GB of free storage space and allows you to share large files, such as pictures and videos, with a few clicks. …
  2. Dropbox. …
  3. OneDrive. …
  4. 4. Box. …
  5. MediaFire. …
  6. pCloud. …
  7. Masv. …
  8. Raysync.

What is the best app to send large files?

Superbeam. Superbeam works over Wi-Fi, allowing you to instantly beam files, and even entire folders, between Android devices — iOS users are left out, unfortunately. But if you have multiple Android devices, and need to share files between your own devices or with other Android users, it’s a great option.