How many times Wipro has given bonus shares?

Ex-Date Bonus Ratio Record Date
March 6, 2019 1:3 March 7, 2019
June 13, 2017 1:1 June 14, 2017
June 15, 2010 2:3 June 16, 2010
Aug. 22, 2005 1:1 Aug. 23, 2005

When did Wipro last give bonus?


Bonus History
Announcement Date Bonus Ratio Ex-Bonus Date
18/01/2019 1 : 3 06/03/2019
25/04/2017 1 : 1 13/06/2017
23/04/2010 2 : 3 15/06/2010

Does Wipro share give bonus?

Wipro Ltd.

The last bonus that Wipro had announced was in 2019 in the ratio of 1:3. The share has been quoting ex-bonus from March 06, 2019.

How often do companies give bonus shares?

A bonus issue, also known as a scrip issue or a capitalization issue, is an offer of free additional shares to existing shareholders. A company may decide to distribute further shares as an alternative to increasing the dividend payout. For example, a company may give one bonus share for every five shares held.

How much dividend does Wipro pay?


Dividends Declared
18/01/2019 29/01/2019 Rs.1.0000 per share(50%)Interim Dividend
11/01/2018 31/01/2018 Rs.1.0000 per share(50%)Interim Dividend
10/01/2017 02/02/2017 Rs.2.0000 per share(100%)Interim Dividend
20/04/2016 11/07/2016 Rs.1.0000 per share(50%)Final Dividend

Will ITC give bonus shares in 2021?

This company always gives dividend and bonus to it’s share holders. They can also give bonus in 2021. … ITC has given dividend in Q3 of 5₹. This company always gives dividend and bonus to it’s share holders.

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What is the future of Wipro share?

Tomorrow’s movement Prediction of Wipro Limited WIPRO as on 31 Aug 2021 appears strongly Bullish. This stock started moving upwards as soon as it opened.

Munafa value: 65 as on 31 Tue Aug 2021.

Upside target 651.12
Downside target 634.17
Downside target 632.38
Downside target 628.83
Downside target 625.22

Which share gives highest dividend?

No. of Stocks Filtered: 9

Company Company Dividend Payout Ratio(%)
Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd. Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd. 36.33
NTPC Ltd. NTPC Ltd. 26.87
PNB Gilts Ltd. PNB Gilts Ltd. 28.98
Polyplex Corporation Ltd. Polyplex Corporation Ltd. 19.28

Which company can give bonus share in 2021?


Company Name Proportion Record Date
Rajnandini Metal 1:2 03-Sep-2021
Mittal Life Style 1:10 01-Sep-2021
Swasti Vinayaka Syn. 2:7 24-Aug-2021
Redington 1:1 20-Aug-2021

Is it good to buy bonus shares?

Increasing the number of outstanding shares through a bonus issue increases the participation of smaller investors in the company’s shares and hence enhances the liquidity of the stock. The Increase in the issued share capital increases the perception of company’s size.

Is dividend paid on bonus shares?

In such a case, the company will distribute the earnings in the form of bonus shares by draining the profits, instead of paying dividends. … As issuing bonus shares to the existing shareholders are given from the profits or reserves of the company, issuing of bonus shares is also known as capitalisation of reserves.

Which company gives highest bonus shares?


Sacheta Metals 1:100 16-01-2021
Tembo Global 1:1 19-01-2021
Quint Digital 1:1 20-01-2021
NAKODA GROUP OF 5:8 21-01-2021
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