What is Nasdaq BX TotalView?

What is TotalView Nasdaq?

NASDAQ TotalView is the premier data feed for serious traders, providing every single quote and order at every price level for all NASDAQ-, NYSE- and regional-listed securities on NASDAQ.

What is TotalView?

TotalView is a sophisticated and powerful tool used for debugging and analyzing both serial and parallel programs. … Advanced, dynamic memory debugging tools and the ability to perform “replay” debugging are two additional features.

What is TotalView on Etrade?

Cost. NASDAQ Totalview is a tool that can help day-traders profit from short-term stock price movements. This information is not free to the public. … Online stock broker E-Trade offers the service at no charge to their “Power E-Trade Pro” customers–traders who make more than 10 stock trades per month.

What exchange is BX traded on?

BX trades national-listed (Reg NMS) securities that are listed on NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NYSE Alternext and other regional exchanges.

Does Nasdaq TotalView include NYSE?

NASDAQ TotalView® offers the full depth of the market at every price level in NASDAQ-, NYSE-, NYSE MKT- and regional- listed securities on NASDAQ®.

What is Level 3 in stock trading?

Understanding Level III Quotes

A level III quote allows a person to enter into best execution trades as prices are being updated in real-time. All publicly traded equities have a bid price and an ask price when they are bought and sold. The bid is the highest price an investor is willing to purchase a stock.

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How much does Nasdaq TotalView cost?

Nasdaq PSX

PSX TotalView
Entitlement Name Security Coverage Monthly Fee
Usage Fees
PSX TotalView Nasdaq, NYSE, NYSE Amex and NYSE Arca Professional/Corporate: $40 per subscriber Non-Professional: $1 per subscriber
PSX TotalView Non-Display Nasdaq, NYSE, NYSE Amex and NYSE Arca $50 per subscriber

How do I buy Nasdaq TotalView?

TotalView is accessible from Nasdaq through direct data feed, Cloud API, or web products, or via Nasdaq market data vendors. Nasdaq Cloud Data Service: Now available direct from Nasdaq via Cloud API. The API allows you to be up and running within days instead of weeks or even months.

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 trading?

Level 1 quotes provide investors with the highest bid and the lowest ask prices for an individual stock. … Level 1 quotes provide the best real-time bid/ask for a given security. Level 2 quotes go a step further by offering market depth to real-time quotes for each symbol.

Does Etrade charge for streaming?

Streaming market data: While there is no fee for real-time streaming quotes, E*TRADE requires a $1,000 minimum balance for streaming quotes to be enabled.

What is Nasdaq Level 2?

Level II is essentially the order book for Nasdaq stocks. When orders are placed, they are placed through many different market makers and other market participants. Level II will show you a ranked list of the best bid and ask prices from each of these participants, giving you detailed insight into the price action.