You asked: How much did the stock market jump today?

What stock has jumped the most today?

Most Actives

Company Price % Change
MRO Marathon Oil Corp 15.38 +3.71%
XOM Exxon Mobil Corp 61.62 -0.16%
MRK Merck & Co Inc 81.60 -1.81%
OXY Occidental Petroleum Corp 32.77 +3.02%

What was today’s results of the stock market?

US Markets

DJIA 34,416.99 +0.3
NASDAQ 14,501.91 +0.47
S&P 500 4,363.55 +0.41
*GOLD 1,759.7 -0.12

What stocks will double in 2021?

Stocks that Will Double In 2021

  • Allakos Inc. (NASDAQ: ALLK)
  • Funko, Inc. (NASDAQ: FNKO)
  • Paramount Group, Inc. (NYSE: PGRE)
  • BHP Group (NYSE: BHP)
  • Genpact Limited (NYSE: G)
  • Deciphera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: DCPH)
  • Affimed N.V. (NASDAQ: AFMD)
  • Nomad Foods Limited (NYSE: NOMD)

Which stocks are high today?


Company Current Price Change
Tata Motors 382.95 6.55
Tech Mahindra 1440.00 22.75
PI Industries 3280.35 39.85
HCL Tech. 1322.05 15.80

Is now good time to invest?

If you’re looking to invest for your future — five, 10, or 40 years off — then now is as good a time as ever to buy stocks. Waiting for a pullback in stocks with a long-term time horizon isn’t going to move the needle that much. … Those are opportunities to invest even more than usual if you can swing the cash flow.

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Will Pfizer stock go up in 2021?

While the 10x figure is lower than the levels of over 14x seen in 2018 and 16x as recently as late 2020, this can be attributed to the fact that Pfizer’s EPS will be very high in 2021, followed by a decline from 2022 onward, with a slowdown in Covid-19 vaccine sales.

Which is best share to buy in 2021?

Top 10 – Best Stocks to Buy for Long Term in India 2021

Sr. No. Company Name Latest EPS
1 Abbott India 310.01
2 Bajaj Finserv 221.29
3 Nestle 214.92
4 Ultratech Cement 207.41

How can I double my money in stocks?

Here’s what they are.

  1. Take advantage of an employer 401(k) match. If your employer matches 401(k) contributions at 100%, this is the best and easiest way to double your money — guaranteed. …
  2. Invest in an S&P 500 index fund. …
  3. Buy well-researched stocks you hold for the long term.

Which stock is best for intraday?

Summary table of Best Intraday Stocks to Buy now in India

Company Name BSE Scrip Code CMP (Rs.) 29 May , 2021
TATA MOTORS 500570 318.75
BAJAJ FINANCE 500034 5610.75
JINDAL STEEL & POWER 532286 396.1
INDUSIND BANK 532187 1,019